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Sustainable Development



Sustainable Development


As society 's concerns toward the future increases -and also future generation 's ability to enhance their quality of life- , discussions of sustainable development become increasingly significant . This is inline with the direction to which firms grow . Firms have grown from merely tools for profit to become `individuals ' with responsibilities toward their environment . Firms are now demanded to have a social responsibility toward the community , which means , they are demanded to do more than just `clean up their mess , but also to take

part in activities building the society

This argument brings the issue of sustainable development even more integral to society 's perspective of a `responsible company Furthermore , with the existence of leading edge technology to support business activities , the demands to use the same amount of technological effort in ensuring enhancement of sustainable development are growing Within this , we will discuss how corporations design systems to enhance innovation for sustainable development Innovation and Sustainable Development

II .1 Role of Invention and Innovation

Invention and innovation is an important component of modern societies According to Merton Flemings , director of the Lemelson -MIT program invention is focused applications of the human mind to the world resulting original creation intended for practical functions . It is the `spark ' where all activities in the modern world begin . Innovation is on the other hand , the practice of bringing inventions to its perform their designed functions , through creative thinking , investment and marketing (`Invention and Innovation , 2003

In the realm of economy , invention is not a linear process that could directly produce economic impacts . It requires complex interaction between the realm of human creativity , technology and the market before it can result significant economic impact . However , it has been noted that countries that manage to practice significant level of modern inventions and innovations is experiencing significant growth and on their way to become global leaders . Examples of these countries are China and India . Nevertheless , a study reported that only minority of the world 's countries is practicing appropriate levels of modern invention and innovation (`Invention and Innovation , 2003

There are many reasons explaining these phenomena . Within this we will elaborate one of them as an example . Governments rather than the private sector bring most inventions in developing countries . This reflects the technology-push phenomena that are considered `not constructive ' for long term development . Dominated by technology-push factors , society would be trained to think that inventions are something that are given to them instead of things that they must strive to produce (`Invention and Innovation , 2003 . In the long term , the rate of invention for these countries would generally be lower compare to other nations

The more positive constructs of inventions are the ones dominated by technology-pull factors . Within the technology pull factors , societies are driven by their own demands and necessities to perform creative efforts that will finally produce invention or innovation . The construct reflects independence and larger potential for sustainable development (`Invention and Innovation , 2003 II .2 Role...

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