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Susan Moller Okin, ``Feminism and Multiculturalism: Some Tensions,`` in Ethics 108,no. 4 (1998), 661-684

The Tensions of Susan Moller Okin 's Essay

Susan Moller Okin 's Feminism and Multiculturalism : Some Tensions ' is a well-argued that explores the tensions ' between feminism and multiculturalism (particularly the group-rights ' variety ) from a consistent liberal perspective

The author writes as a liberal and as a feminist in putting forth a critique of the ways in which multiculturalism - as it was , and still is , being advocated by various activists and academics - poses real dangers to the rights and interests of girls and women that belong to minority groups . The way she

does this is admirable : In a manner that is clear and with not-so-well-known examples , she shows how most of the major cultures of the world puts a premium on maintaining control of women ' and how the advancement of the rights and interests of women conflict and clash with particular practices within the cultures of minority groups . She is admirable in standing firm with the feminist insight that more often than not , sex discrimination is far less overt . In many cultures , strict control of women is enforced in the private sphere by the authority of either actual or symbolic fathers often acting through , or with the complicity of , the older women of the culture ' This , I think , is her central argument in making the case that there are tensions ' if not contradictions , between feminism and multiculturalism

Despite my respect for Okin 's arguments and mode of argumentation , I also have a few critical remarks (1 ) For a couple of...

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