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Survey and Experimental Strategies of Inquiry

Elena and their son . Antonio did successfully kill Longoria in the end but his revenge did not end there , Tobar narrates how Antonio fully wanted the death of the man that when exhaustion had whittled Antonio 's passion for revenge [it was turned] down into the simplest of desires : to be rid of the man (302 Also , Antonio had this idea that Longoria did not deserve anything good in his life because he was evil , as what Antonio 's thoughts show

The soldier 's life was the negative image of his own . The

soldier had a job , Antonio did not . The soldier had a girlfriend , Antonio was all alone . This man who took my only love has all the love he wants (172

Antonio was not able to consider that Longoria had a past too that may be filled with darker things that him - and that is of belonging in the Guatemalan army

Longoria is considered as the villain of the book and his death was seemed to be justified because he was the evil character . However through Longoria 's flashbacks and thoughts , it can be seen that he too suffered in his past . Longoria was taught early on that a person should be violent and vicious to achieve what he wants . He was made to believe that dis is his friend , that violence is the key and that people should fear you to the point of being paralyzed (Tobar , 222 . If Longoria was taught these and was made to believe that these are the only important things in the world , then it is not him who is evil but his upbringing and education . Antonio was a good person because he had a good past while Longoria was evil because he had an evil past

To conclude , Antonio 's act...

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