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Support of /domination of a union

Another support offered by the employers is that they represent the unions in different functions that require the personal representation There are a number of different functions attended by the employers including the signing of treaties , signing of contracts and representing the unions in multinational functions . In addition to that the employers are involved in the investments decisions that are profitable . This is done by the employment of professionals who make investment decisions on behalf of the union thus safeguarding the interests of the major shareholders of the union (Aston , Morris Willman

, 1993

There are many ways in which the employers can practice dominance over the unions . First , many of the employers in the unions usually represent the workforce and therefore involve in the negotiations . Through the involvement in the negotiations they are able to establish some of the rules that include the issues relating to wages , payments and even the working conditions of the workers (Alberta Labor Relations , 2002 Therefore , through these means , the employers are able to dominate the decision making processes of the unions

The employers are involved in the preparation of some of the union strategies that increases the control and dominance over these unions For instance , the employers in a union of manufacturing companies may set up a strike contingency plan that will include the stockpiling of products before their expiry date reaches . This will make the employers to be in a position of maintaining sales during a work stoppage . In addition to that , the employers may also diversify the workforce , and hire workers from different ethnic groups or different communities in to reduce the solidarity of the workers and also improve their dominance and control over the unions

In each of the scenarios , the employer 's actions and practice in unions have significant effects...

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