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Paper Topic:

Support and Criticisms of Critical Race Theory

Running Head : Legal Issues




July 13th , 2010



The Critical Race Theory (CRT ) is deeply rooted in efforts that are directed towards ensuring that racism is eliminated

CRT proponents apply realistic strategies towards attaining their goals

The CRT advocators use narratives and stories to enhance the understanding of their listeners and readers

The examination of role played by race and racism in the present day situation

The theory applies approaches from social science writings on race and racism

to legal issues

The use of statistics methods in research work

Encompassing related fields

Critical race theory endeavors to make progress on the social justice framework (Jones , 2001 . This contrasts with the traditional scholarly research findings that solely explain the organizations and operations of race and racism , this theory attempts to alleviate social inequalities . The intersectionality theory for instance only focuses on how the various factors interact to contribute to social inequality . The aspect in the Critical race theory of looking deep into the issue of racism is what makes it significant

The proponents of this theory are against the use of violence to attain the set goals . The methodology applied provides an important framework that enhances the study of race and racism and their influence on psychological state and illness . The Black Power Movement which emerged from the Civil Rights Movement supported the use of force in airing affliction (Cole , 2009 . They supported the use of proactive force in an attempt to help blacks...

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