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Summary of 6 pages selection from Martin Luthers “Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation” and `Concerning Christian Liberty`

Martin Luther

Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation is a letter appealing to the lords of Germany , to have an ear to listen to Luther 's voice as he exposes the crimes of the church against the Christians of his time . By discussing the three walls of the church , he used faith reason and persuasion to debunk and crush each to prove his point

The first wall pertains to the church 's claim that the spiritual estate (pope , bishops , priests and monks ) power is above the temporal (princes lords , artisans

and peasants . He argues that the church leaders clothing as well as their ecclesiastical laws cannot supersede St Paul 's teaching - that everyone is part of the spiritual estate , that no church position or office bears the privilege to be higher or above anyone . He points out that because of this , rulers should not be frightened to punish the church if it does something wrong

He then proceeds to question the church 's second wall - that the church is the masters of the scriptures . He believes that deducing faith to one person (the pope ) is simply heresy for all is part of the spiritual estate , and thus , has the power to discern right from wrong

He then attacks the third wall where he implied that the councils the pope call for is not enough to regulate his actions . If the pope is acting in contrary of the scriptures , he should be punished . He cited the rampant graft and corruption in Italy as an example

The excerpts from Concerning Christian Liberty , on the other hand dwells on one main fact - that faith is central to a Christian life . He first discussed how the scriptures talk about precepts and promises and how faith has made it possible for us to comprehend . He expounds by citing teachings from St . Paul about faith and furthermore describes the power faith can compel . It is this faith that shall guide and save a person from living a bad life . Citing various passages in the bible , he then describes how faith mold a person , how it can move one to disinterested love to serve others , how it could strip one from the material things of the earth and how it can simply , change a person 's being to unite and love God...

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