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Summary of the film `Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)`

The picture "Rabbit-Proof Fence , filmed by the Australian director Phillip Noyce , is based on the book written by the real-life daughter of Molly Craig , the heroine of the film . That film is based on true events makes this drama an especially impressive exploration of the eternal of cruelty of man , this time depicted through the tragedy of separation of children and parents . In this way , being firmly rooted in our true history the film of Phillip Noyce contains in it realistic depiction of important sociological concepts . Let us try to summarize some

of these sociological concepts in the film

On of the most obvious sociological concepts in "Rabbit-Proof Fence " is the concept of race . A race is a group of people biologically different from other humans , mostly in terms of color of skin , features of face and genetics . However , the concept of race is most controversial in its sociological manifestations because belonging to a certain race influences social identity of people . The film highlight this existing racial controversy by reminding us about recents policies that were based at the assumption the inferior and superior races existed , so it was needed to purify the white race

On ground of this , we can see how the concept of social class emerges within society . As social class means the hierarchy of people within a given culture , we can see how the dominant white group in the film creates policies to opress Aboriginal groups . Moreover , as the Aboriginal children who have white fathers are thought to be superior to purely Aboriginal ones , they nevertheless are trained to work only as servants , which further emphasises the structured nature of the division into social classes

The film also manages to illustrate the sociological aspects of the concept of religion . Indeed , as any religion aside from its immediate set of beliefs plays important social function of


Noyce , Phillip . Rabbit-Proof Fence . Buena Vista Home Entertainment 2002



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