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The investigations show that some nursing practitioners simply do not follow safe practices in their medical field . Further , an organizational context may affect the nurses and physicians or the wider stake holders in departing from the safe practice , for example there are investigators that deal specifically with these events . There are different ways in which they use to investigate . For instance , the staff in the hospital can be interviewed concerning the occurrence of the adverse event . This is especially done on the staffs that were on duty when the event occurred . This

is because they are better placed with first hand information . Face to face interviews also used and are good because some factors can be observed easily by the investigator (Brennan , and Laird , 1991

Some of these factors include whether the nurse or the person involved was simply tired . It can just be seen by the investigator very easily Important information can also be accessed by the investigators from the records that are kept in the hospital . While records in the medical institution can be reviewed in the investigations , they are very limited in nature . This is because very minimal factors can be investigated using the records . When the investigations are carried out it is good not to individualise the errors that are made . Rather it should be dealt with in a wider scope of view . In this the investigator can ascertain the sub-optimization of care in the hospital . In conjunction he or she can find out where specifically in the hospital process it occurred . The investigator in this case can also find out in which way the clinical practices led to the occurrence of the adverse event (Lederman , and Parkes , 2002

It is not just about the identification of the human errors in the nursing field but also...

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