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Summary & Reaction to Major in success


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September 25 , 2007

Major in Success : Patrick Combs Self-Help Guide for Needful College Freshmen

If there is a recipe for self-help books , two of the necessary ingredients are an endorsement from a name ' self-help or motivation guru /author and trotting out the old Teddy Roosevelt man in the arena ' mantra . Combs has both : Tom Peters ' kudus on the cover and The Roughrider on page 28 . What 's missing is a touch of truth and reality Nowhere does Mr . Combs describe his own success (perhaps I

knew I 'd never be happy until I got a self-help book published ) or many student 's real world (perhaps a chapter on majoring in the success of your dysfunctional family , lack of money for traffic fines , broken or stolen personal property , drugged-out roommate and boy /girl friend issues . Instead , Mr . Combs supplies his readers with 154 pages detailing and expanding on a single maxim : figure out what you want to do it life , and do it . Major in Success has some major flaws as well as some great advice . theless there is a great deal to be gathered from Major in Success , but probably not in the manner Mr . Combs planned . Some great lessons can be learned from understanding not just what is in the book , but what it is that makes the book successful , despite its shortcomings

There are several flaws in Mr . Combs ' advice . First and foremost , the text is replete with anecdotal evidence ' and devoid of meaningful quantifiable facts and statistics , and those used are rather disingenuous . In the chapter Never Mind the Grades ' he cites a recent study by the College Review Board ' indicating GPA is below ten other factors considered by employers (47 . He uses this fact ' to buttress his argument to never mind the grades . He fails to mention that in a very competitive job market when ALL of the applicants have those first ten factors , it will likely be factor 11 - GPA - that makes the difference

The second glaring discrepancy relates not only to grades but also his contradictory attitude towards the significance of grades . His theory college is for developing your talents to learn and do , so that you can learn and do anything you like (20 ) begs the question then how is that measured ' Most people , including employers , will use grades as the yardstick for learning ability . Mr . Combs fails to address the significance of a student 's focus ' or major in college . He claims if time spent on extracurricular activities is having a negative impact on your grades , don 't panic (50 . He advises telling the prospective employer to the effect sure my grades were mediocre , but various club memberships and internships were my priority ' Ask yourself if you would like to say that on a job interview , or I managed to knock down a 3 .7 GPA with a major in math and a minor in history while working 25 hours a week to help pay tuition and board...

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