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What I like the most about Yevtushenko is that he is capable of writing good , even great poetry , from an absolutely opposite perspective to mine . He was , for most of his life , a convinced socialist , a man who really believed in the "human face " of socialism and even in that catchy word "internationalism " that the old autocrats in the Kremlin liked so much (Todd . Life seems to have made it very plain to him that the dream had always been a nightmare . He is a versatile poet , a man who has visited places

and has the talent to tell us his version of what he has seen in an original , beautiful manner . Yevtushenko is far more accessible than some of the more modern Russian poets , but accessibility does not mean less quality . On the contrary , his poetry is clear honest , passionate , direct , and articulate

A very long poem , included in his works , is "A Dove in Santiago : A Novella in Verse " where he attempts to understand and explain , from a socialist point of view , the events in Chile , 1973 . Through this masterpiece he teaches us that sometimes when it comes to life , there are just some lessons we have to learn the hard way (Thomas . The arena of the lesson doesn 't seem to matter - it could be family , love , school work , or relative to one of our own personal characteristics . The hard lessons tend to shape our perceptions , cause us to look at things differently . Each of us most...

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