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Paper Topic:

Successful Management of Diverse Workforce

Successful Management of Diverse Workforce

Successful Management of Diverse Workforce

Thesis : In for America to successfully compete in the global marketplace it is essential that American businesses are capable of effectively managing diverse work environments

Ethnic diversity is increasing

Well educated immigrants continue to immigrate to

the United States

Due to the global economy business must deal with

diverse workers from around the world

Religious diversity is increasing

Companies must learn to respect the religious

beliefs of their employees

Companies need to be flexible in allowing time


for religious holidays

III . Gender differences need to be taken into consideration

Females are employed in non-traditional positions

Males are employed in non-traditional positions

IV . Age differences must be respected and values

Senior citizens are remaining in the workforce


The younger generation needs to be able to work

Cooperatively with the older generation

What are the benefits of diversity

Greater understanding of those different from us

A step towards global awareness and world peace


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