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`Success` definition essay

Meaning of Success


Everyone aspires to being successful at every turn . Whatever we are doing : starting a new business , repairing the car , writing a term or practicing scales , all our efforts are directed on achieving success Moreover , success is not a destination , it is a journey . When we have achieved something , we set up our new goals or objectives and try to reach success on these new horizons . Success is something we want continuously , within the whole life

A great deal of people tried to find out the true formula

of success There are some recipes of success from famous people : Success is that old ABC - ability , breaks and courage (Charles Luckman , Six essential qualities are the key to success : sincerity , personal integrity , humility , courtesy , wisdom , charity (William Menninger There are no secrets to success . It is the result of preparation , hard work , learning from failure (Colin Powell , Success is simple . Do what 's right , the right way , at the right time (Arnold Glascow

I think that success , actually , can be defined from many different angles . First of all , success can be taken as something opposite to a failure . In such case it expresses the positive result of an activity or performance as the only alternative to the negative one . Undoubtedly , it is the narrowest meaning of this word , which does not evoke any controversy or disagreements

Achievement of some goal or making something come true is wider comprehension of success . In this meaning , the reactions on such accomplishments can be rather different , that is why the concept of success can be called as absolutely subjective . Some people can treat the outcomes as positive , advantageous and successful , but the others can be left und and not satisfied with the same results , taking them as unsuccessful

Finally , in its widest understanding , success means the highest level of social status of a person , who achieved something incredible in his /her life . In this sense , success means being on top of the society . Such people like Donald Trump , Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan are the brightest examples of undoubtedly successful people of our times

In addition to above mentioned , success can be professional and personal . Some people can value career the most and try to achieve the highest heights in their professional activity , defining success from these positions . It can be receiving a good position in business organization , making discovery or invention , opening own business , etc The others aspire for finding a special person to love and giving everything for their families . Some can take personal success as learning something new , gaining new abilities or advancing in some other direction

Certainly , professional success is very individual . It differs not only according to a person 's comprehension and professional priorities , but it also related to specifics of the profession . For an artist success is to find a proper shape to realize his unique ideas and thoughts for a businessman success is to maximize profits and keep the organization together for a student...

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