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Substandard Patient Care or Health Care Delivery


Health is a state of complete physical , mental and social well being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity ' -World Health Organization

This is the most common definition of health today . But , are people really achieving the ideal heath today

According to CRC- Healthcare Factbook (1990 ) the health care delivery system is the equipment , products , human resources , and services that address the health needs , problems and concerns of all people . Both public and private sectors maintain their own health facilities (such as hospitals clinics and diagnostic centers . Preventive

health care is a major concern of the government-owned health centers while curative care is provided by hospitals , both government and private

The health of individuals and communities are , to a large extent affected by combination of many factors . A person 's health is determined by his circumstances and environment . It is inappropriate therefore to blame or credit the person 's state of health to himself alone because he is unlikely able to directly control many of these factors however knowledge of these factors is important in to effectively promote health and prevent illness . It is also important to note that in understanding the multidimensional nature of health , the public health nurse will now be in better position to plan and implement health promoting interventions for individuals and communities

These factors or things that make people healthy or not , known as determinants of health are listed by the World Health Organization to include

Income and social status- Higher income and social status are linked to better health

Education- Low education levels are linked with poor health , more stress and lower self confidence

Physical environment- safe water and clean air , healthy workplaces , safe houses , communities and roads all contribute to good health

Employment and working conditions- people in employment are healthier particularly those who have more control over their working conditions

Social support networks- greater support from families , friends and communities is linked to better health

Culture- Customs and traditions , and the beliefs of the family and community all affect health

Genetics- Inheritance plays a part in determining lifespan , healthiness and the likelihood of developing certain illnesses

Personal behavior and coping skills . Balanced eating , keeping active smoking , drinking , and how we deal with life 's stresses and challenges all affect influence health

Health services- Access and use of services that prevent and treat disease influence health

Gender- Men and women suffer from different types of diseases at different ages

The reasons why the above conditions are still seen among the population can be explained by the following factors

Inappropriate health delivery system as shown by an inefficient and poorly targeted hospital system , ineffective mechanism for providing public health programs on top of health human resources maldistribution

Inadequate regulatory mechanisms for health services resulting to poor quality of health care , high cost of privately provided health services high cost of drugs and presence of low quality of drugs in the market

Poor health care financing and inefficient sourcing or generation of...

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