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Subliminal Advertising

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Subliminal Advertising


Definition : Concealed appeal to consumers ' unconscious awareness to buy product (Subliminal Advertising , n .d

Subliminal Advertising as it is clear from the above definition , is an art of selling your product in such a way that the customer is willing to buy it due to the psychological affect he /she has on the brain by advertising subliminally

Before going into core literature of this let 's understand the words subliminal and advertising separately , and then

we will study the term `Subliminal Advertising , its meaning , purpose , benefits and importance etc

What does subliminal stand for

The word `subliminal ' stand for a situation , where some message or feeling arises in human brain , which is beyond the entrance of his /her consciousness . Although these signals or messages are not so clear to the person but they have a strong affect psychologically (Webster Dictionary , n .d )What does Advertising stand for

Advertising is a paid way of publicizing a product , and conveying your message to the customers so as to capture the market and to attract buyers (Mongooseatlantic , n .d . Advertising in today 's time is as essential as to maintain the quality of product . To enhance the profit attractive and interactive advertisements are a must

Subliminal Advertising

If we combine `Subliminal ' and `Advertising ' together we get a term `Subliminal Advertising . Subliminal Advertising as mentioned earlier in this is an artistic way of controlling human psychology towards any product which is being advertised . It do not come in front clearly but affect the mind psychologically . What actually makes an ad work is how it looks ? Advertisements needs attention , look , and understanding otherwise their purpose will never be achieved . Giving a look to anything creates a communication between you and the object . It involves emotional feelings and senses . Advertisements which involve interactive images , either placed on magazine covers , TV channels or newss can be divided into five categories

Pictures which do not involve any person

Such pictures which do not portray a person but his /her past or near future are highlighted by some ideas

A picture in which any person is portrayed giving a look at something but not the viewer , and posing like the viewer is not noticed looking towards that

Pictures of a human posing in such a way like looking at you and you are ware of it

Pictures of a human looking behind , without making you conscious of it (Subliminal faces - what 's with all those faces , n .d

Besides theses factors , advertisements hold another important component which is fantasy . This component works to attract those viewers who keep fantasies as part of their thinking and imagination . Let 's take a magazine example which contains a subliminal advertisement . An ad in a magazine affect in a number of ways on human brain in a very short span of time within a glimpse (Mirror of the Psyche , n .d . Consider the picture below designed for a subliminal...

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