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Stress in Middle Adulthood

Stress affects individuals physically , cognitively , socially and emotionally on every level of human development . This essay will focus mainly on stress during middle adulthood and discuss how stress affects individuals at this stage during human development . This stage spans from 40 years of age to 65 . Individuals do not possess the strength coordination , and stamina that we had during our twenties and thirties But during this period we remain pretty stable , there is only a slight physical decline . Personality development and adjustment theories , such as Erison 's give a way of defining

life crisis of the middle years . He regarded this level as generativity versus stagnation . A period of striving to having and raising our children well and making our mark in the world or we do things that are worthwhile . We do this to enhance and maintain our self-esteem . With Eriksonians it is the ideal of shaping the new generation . This could be the raising of their children or working to make the world a better place . Levinson 's theory , midlife transition , is a dramatic shift in psychological perspective . This is a marked time of thinking how much time we have left . Individuals will think more of what they could have accomplished rather than what the future can bring (Rathus Nevid , 1999 . Whatever the theory they may be experiencing the crisis that arises produces stress

Defining stress is the mental and /or physical strain resulting from adjustive demands or challenges (Cohen , 1994

.148 . Most people must adjust to a life that is less than perfect . We need to adapt to stress not just the stress of crises or unexpected good fortune , but also the stress of everyday minor demands . Every adjustment is an attempt to balance our desires against the demands of the environment , to weigh our needs against the reality of achievement . How we adjust to the stress that we endure is crucial to our health and the quality of our lives Stress can hurt you psychologically and physically . All major life changes involve a certain amount of stress . This is because major life changes typically bring strong emotions , and even joy or elation that can cause arousal in the body and begin to take a toll on its resources (Morris Maisto , 1999 . Major life events are stressful because any new experience requires some adjustment . Change is one of the most common event that causes stress . Middle adulthood has middle life crisis for dealing with this stressor . Most people crave continuity and predictability in their lives . So anything that disrupts this , good or bad , will cause stress (Rathus Nevid , 1999 . But there are other factors to look at when looking at stress

Pressures , Frustrations , conflict and self-imposed stressors are events that give individuals stress . Pressures happen when we feel forced to speed up , intensify , or shift directions in our behaviors . It can happen when we feel compelled to meet a higher standard of performance This can come internally or externally . Frustration happens when a person...

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