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Street Racing laws in california

Street Racing Laws in California

California has a strong racing culture . In fact , according to an Internet encyclopedia , Wikipedia , Southern California is considered to be the birthplace of drag racing . Yet , the state of California considers street racing an illegal activity . This is because street racing leads to injuries and deaths , many a times of absolutely innocent people , including police officers . Dominique Valiquet from the Law and Government Division of the Library of Parliament wrote that there were 82 deaths in 2000 , 143 deaths in 2001 , 142 deaths in 2002 , 115 deaths

in 2003 , and 125 deaths in 2004 caused by street racing across the United States

According to the About : Los Angeles website covering New California Vehicle Laws for 2006 ' if a person is convicted of engaging in street racing and causing bodily injury in the process to a person other than himself , he or she can be jailed for at least 30 days but less than 6 months . Moreover , the individual caught in the act can be fined . Punishment would include community service of 40 hours to boot Lastly , the privilege to operate a motor vehicle may be suspended for 90 days or up to 6 months . In other words , the driving license may be restricted

J . Clar wrote in the Winter 2003 volume of the McGeorge Law Journal that even those people in California who aid or abet a street racing contest can be charged with a misdemeanor . Besides , individuals who participate in street racing may have their vehicles impounded for up to 30 days , with a cost of 1500 to retrieve them . The fine included in the punishment for street racing may be as much as 1000 . What is more the punishment for street racing could be a month or more in county jail plus fine if the authorities decide that only jail or only a fine is not STREET RACING LAWS IN CALIFORNIA

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enough as a deterrent for future street racing behavior on the part of certain individuals . In short , punishment for illegal street racing may be severe .STREET RACING LAWS IN CALIFORNIA

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