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Strategic and Tactical Collection

br Strategic Vs . Tactical Intelligence

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Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Gathering Differences between the gathering methods and analysis of intelligence for strategic and tactical purposes have inherent and undeniable differences , which can be associated with the purposes for which the information is being gathered , as well as the close working relationship between the two processes . Strategic operations as the word implies is in regards to the creation of a strategy , a COA , and is generally information that will be key to the development

, planning and decision making regarding future operations that will take place upon the ground . Tactical operations information gathering pertains more precisely to factors that may directly and or immediately affect the performance or outcome of the actions within the theater on the ground based on the COA that strategic information planning has developed

This is one of the first notable differences between the two Strategic information gathering may take place (But is not limited to this scenario ) well in advance , whereas tactical intelligence gathering is directly and immediately pertinent to action within the theater is generally a need of a more immediate nature , and often gained through means of direct observation and /or communication . An excellent example of strategic planning would be the scenario involving the ultimate disaster , nuclear war between the U .S . and Russia . According to author Jeffrey Richelson , The Wizards of Langley inside the CIA 's Directorate of Science and Technology "The Strategic theory was simple . By ensuring that U...

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