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Paper Topic:

Strategic Marketing Challenges



Executive summary


Adduced reasons for Nando 's failure with its attempt at franchising its concept internationally

The role of national culture in Nando 's expansion

Strategic marketing challenges facing the fast food industry in 2006

Ways in which firms like Nando could develop their market




The operation of business on a global scale requires that firms should cultivate their international business by respecting the national differences in the countries where they expand to . This is what

Nando had failed to observe . It has rigidly and excessively stuck to its corporate culture exhibited in South Africa . It failed to note that South African 's national culture is not the same thing as what applies in countries in European and Asian states

Also , the Nando 's management in the South African headquarter had given no room for the management of its firms in other countries to operate freely this has given them no room for innovative strategic marketing planning in observance to the environment in which they operate in . the national culture of South Africa has greatly influenced the corporate culture of the Nando 's organization and it thus constituted a negative impact when its adherence and transfer to other national culture that is not compatible , led to the unprofitable business operations in these countries

The level of competition in the fast food industry in contemporary times is getting tense , with expansion in big firms and new entrants to the business

Thus for organization like Nando the need to observe people 's custom taste , national culture in carrying out its strategic marketing this is germane for their effective and successful operations as they expand the business


As an organization continues to expand in its operational base , it is a noticeable fact that these expansion tend to affect the pattern of existing culture the organization had hitherto operated on . This becomes more prominent when the organization is venturing into a different environment or country with foreign and the exhibited national culture

Strategic marketing is thus , faced with high challenges in the aspect of cultural harmonization of an organization operating with several units and outlets in trans-nationals and across bs operations . In an ever increasing competitive global business arena , the need to strategies and be in tune with current trends in an industry where an organization operates , this is very germane to the success level the organization would attain . Strategic marketing entails that the organization carries out an effective planning that would coordinate the whole marketing operates of the organization and make it adapt to its environment through effective utilization of available resources . Thus , the different marketing strategies pricing strategy , distributive strategy , promotional strategy , sales strategy , product creation and branding strategy , inter alia , these are synchronize in meeting the marketing objectives of the organization . Strategy is concerned with effectiveness rather than efficiency and is the process of analyzing the environment and designing the fit between the organization , its resources and objectives and the...

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