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Stop Babysitting College Students-summary





Stop Babysitting College Students

Froma Harrop , an American writer known for her independent and witty thoughts , advises against babysitting of college students by preventing them from engaging in binge drinking . Harrop argues that by controlling their behavior college and university administrators commit the mistake of treating college students like toddlers or infants . Harrop also says that nothing good will come out of preventing students who have binge-drinking problem from drinking . Preventing local businesses from selling alcohol to college students or banning companies selling alcohol

br from sponsoring college events and activities , or preventing champagnes from being served at fundraising events or family occasions will not stop the college students from drinking (Froma Harrop 1 ) She also stresses the reality that an alcoholic cannot be prevented from drinking since he will always find a way to gain access to alcohol . The more college administrators attempt to control their behavior the more they convince the students that it is not their fault . Impliedly , they are blaming the parents , the companies which sell beer or the local liquor stores , instead of the students themselves , for this problem

Harrop suggests that college students should be treated like adults They should also learn to accept responsibility for their actions College adults will never behave like an adult if they will be treated like toddlers . If college students want to drink then they should be allowed to drink . If they violate the law as a result of such drinking then they should be...

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