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Staying Sober by Terence T Gorski

Running Head : Staying Staying Sober by Terence T Gorski and Merlene Miller

p Staying Sober by Terence T Gorski and Merlene Miller


When a drug addict is constantly nagged and abused , condemned and ostracized by society , he turns into a viler and bitter individual . Even showering pity will not help him one bit . Heartfelt care and concern , an understanding approach , and tender regard for his feelings are necessary prerequisites to heal his inner wounds . Coupled with this , one needs to learn to forgive and forget his past in to

help him build a new identity . The inner core of every human being is essentially good , even of the hard-core drug addict . He needs help and proper guidance to enable him to align himself with his true personality . The downward march to destruction can be replaced by an upward spiral to inner elevation making him a worthy individual . This happens when the addict recoups his original physical and intellectual health Relapse syndrome

This is the sum and substance of what Gorski means by staying sober Every drug addict is a complex personality and the treatment varies from individual to individual . The lack of will power is the main cause of relapse . Gorski tries to trace the complex causes of relapse and explains procedures for the early identification of this malady Addiction is bad relapse is even worse . Gorski highlights this aspect for an individual who is about to face the relapse challenge

Some cured patients hail this book as the Bible on the subject of relapse syndrome . To attain mental stability , the ex- Inpatient Rehabilitation beneficiaries refer to the time-table and remedies prescribed in the book quite often . The book gives details about AA numbers , sponsors , support groups to enable to remain and retain the sober condition . For a cured patient , to maintain the normal position throughout life is the greatest reward

Gorski 's book is very methodical and systematic . It contains detailed review and classifies addiction as a disease and relapse prevention as a skill . How to take care of the post acute withdrawal syndrome and the stages of recovery , and the precautions required to be taken at every step . Those with chronic relapse problem will find the steps prescribed in this book very useful . So , staying sober according to Gorski , is not a mere promise . It is an attainable realty

The methods and relapse control systems adopted by Gorski , have stood the test of practical application and he came out with the successful treatment module as explained in this book . Until then , the subject of relapse of alcoholism and drug addiction was given causal attention , not because of carelessness , but because of non-availability of proved procedures . The authors of this book did the painstaking research watched and studied the relapses and noticed the pattern of the `relapse behavior ' `Triggers ' were identified , the situation leading to relapse tendencies were analyzed . Such detailed patient-wise examination gave them clues about the possible unexpected triggers also . Putting these theories into practice is...

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