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Statment of Purpose


This is a statement of purpose which talks about my choice of university , the interest and extracurricular activities

I have been educated at various stages of my life : starting wit the informal education within the four walls of my father 's house with the thick disciplinary voices of my father and the thin but firm sonority that proceeds out of my mother 's mouth , I have leant the basic arts of living . This education is continuous . Beyond it , however , I have also been taught by teachers

at preliminary and high schools , and friends at every stage of my development . I understand that education is an ongoing process . Information leads to transformation it enlightens the heart and emboldens any vision . Without education , it is difficult to rise up to the pinnacle of a profession . With this understanding , and the support of my parent , I have decided to enroll at the prestigious university Agricultural and Mechanical University

Having read through available materials on the University , I strongly believe it is a good place to be . The quality of lecturers and the interactions amongst students drew me to the place . The environment is also conducive for teaching and learning the terrain and the structural integrity of the buildings are sound . I know the institution has produced a number of successful figures who are making impact in their chosen field of endeavor I would love to join in its greatness as I aspire to become one of its productive graduates

What is my chosen field ? My major is chemistry . I have had an interest in chemistry at a young age . I did not know then that such experiments /exercises were called chemistry . I enjoyed elementary science in preliminary school before my high school education . In high school , I also enjoyed sciences but expectedly my favorite was chemistry . Thanks to chemistry high school teacher who instilled and sustained the interest , and my parents fore their enormous supports all through the years . I actually desire to study chemistry further . I am interested in knowing the different aspects of chemistry then I would decide where exactly to press further my education

All work and no `play ' make me a dull person . Therefore , besides academic work , I also engage in extracurricular activities . While in high school , I was involved in sports and social services to the community . I was the starter for the high school basketball team participation . I really enjoy the game : it keeps me fit and is a good form of exercise for me . I also join social and volunteer service for public enlightenment , and also give to the organizations that help the less privileged among us . This way , I am contributing my little quota to making the world a better place to be ! These activities have helped me develop leadership and teamwork skills . I believe this would continue in this institution

My work experience so far is limited : I work at a convenience store owned by my father . Here...

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