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Statement of Purpose for Public Administration known as MPA

The dedication to serve has always been an integral part in any profession . It stimulates and motivates us to create the foundations of change within a particular realm . Given the increasing diversity in various settings , there is a need to revitalize and integrate concepts to make an individual adaptable to the changes that are happening . One must also have the necessary skills to remain competitive and dynamic in initiating change . With all these , I wish to point out my intention to apply for a Masters degree in public administration

Looking back , I

believe that my educational background can help me with my application . I am due to graduate from my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in December 2008 . I particularly found it interesting to specialize in sociology because of the numerous capabilities this subject can give me . It helped me create a foundation of how service must be facilitated without any bias or prejudice among groups . With these , I was able to exercise my endeavor with utmost dedication . Due to this , my contribution was recognized by the California Scholarship Foundation . I received the scholarship for service distinction during the year 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 . These honors can clearly show how devoted I am in my line of expertise

Likewise , my experience in Rectron LTD and Christian Zion Church /Sunday School has given me the capability to apply the theories and concepts I had learned during my study . Now , I can be able to promote my cause and beliefs to other people...

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