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Starbucks ethics program

p Starbucks Ethics Program

The Starbucks Coffee Company has implemented a program to increase its productivity . The company exported the coffee beans from the Guatemala by granting the daily wages to the workers The Starbucks obtained an inconsiderate protest in 1994 , for paying the workers less than living daily wages . So the company made some ethical programs to be implemented to solve these sorts of problems

These programs have a code of conduct and thus the Starbuck was the first company to implement the code of conduct in 1995 . The

ethics program of Starbuck was made to solve the financial problems related to the workers . The code of ethics in this program is now being appreciated by all the people The Starbucks has received many awards for this program and its characteristics like code of ethics , monitoring , training methods , and enforcement of code

The Starbucks started the program for the farmers in Guatemala which has a number over 30 ,000 in number . The farmers are being given training for use their resources maximum to increase their wages and thus their condition of living . The program is enforced strictly by higher management . The officials of the company regularly monitor the program to evaluate the outcomes of this program

This program was made for profit of all the shareholders management , workers etc . So the program was enforced to satisfy all the divisions of company . Especially , this program was made for the welfare of the workers . The training was also given in this program by the company to these workers

The outcome of this program is the tremendous increase in the profit of the company from the last decade . The code of ethics program , which was implemented by the company , was delayed extensively otherwise it might bring more profit to the company

The Starbuck 's ethics program was monitored by external as well internal sources of the company like auditors etc . The training program consists of the training not only for the growers in various countries but for the workers in factories also . This increase the quality of working , thus in turn increase the quality of coffee which is being produced and sold by the company . So the profit is increase due to this training program

The ethical standards are maintained during the program yet to maintain the standards . These ethical standards are responsible for the award wining performance by the company . The Starbucks Coffee Company has succeeded in winning numerous awards . This has increased the reputation and dignity of the company

The condition of the workers is monitored at regular and constant intervals . The plantation condition are also monitored so that if some natural irregularities happen , then some measures must taken in to prevent the coffee plants from being destroyed . Thus this will help the workers to save their source of income i .e . the coffee plants

This program has the benefits and outcomes that this has not only increased the profit of the company but it has leaded stress on improving...

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