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Six Stages/Steps of Decision Making


The Six Steps in Decision Making

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The Six Steps in Decision Making

The decision making process is an integral part of the daily living Harrison 's six steps in decision making process consist of , setting the objectives , searching for the alternatives by means of scanning the organization 's internal and external environment for information comparing and evaluating alternatives by formal and informal means practicing the arts of choice or the time when an action line is being selected from a

set of alternatives , implementing the decision after choices was being renovate from the notion into a real operation and ensuring that the implemented decision in an outcome set in the first stage through follow up and control in keeping with the objectives

The first step is to set the objectives . Setting objectives is important for it encourages the chapter to follow good management practices solidifies the leadership team , focused the company on a specific aims establishes accountability , motivate staff to achieve their sets of objectives and provides a common direction for the members . All of the companies are encouraged to set their objectives and a clear statement of the kind of service they want of achieve . For example , company objectives for IT business Industry : Objective set to achieve a certain level of market share within a specified time , the companies target is to obtain 5 market share on the industry of IT by the year 2010 Another example , ITS supports professional development for staff , the specific objective will be ITS would offer project management and introduction to ITS classes having the goals of about 80 staff will be trained by June 2008 . Before you begin to collect evidence of learning outcomes , you must be able to answer the following questions : Why are you seeking this evidence , what kind of information will you collect who will collect it , when will it be collected , how to use the results to improve what you do

Next step is the search for the alternatives by means of scanning the organization 's internal and external environment for information Internal factors that influence the scanning activity recognized as being the individual nature of information consciousness . External factors where identified as the cause of change in the environment Environmental scanning foe internal and external use for information is the use of information about trends , events and relationships in the organizations internal and external environment that would help the management in planning the organizations future course of action Organization need to recognize that major changes for a variety of reasons may happen on the company , including fear of the unknown inadequacy to deal with the change and whether the change will result in an adverse effect on their jobs . Alternative actions that are appropriate to the problem should be identified . The more time and effort should be devoted in searching and developing the alternatives to a more important problem to be solved . The knowledge that decision makers have is...

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