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Sports Economics


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Sports Economics


The National Football League (NFL ) broadcasting rights are one of the most expensive broadcasting rights sold in the US . The National Football League Organization is considered to be the most popular spectator sports as far as the professional sports are concerned . The NFL was established in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association The league underwent various changes with the passing years . The NFL now consist of two structured bodies the AFC and the NFC . The NFL acts a

br trade association for thirty-two franchise owners "The Business of Professional Football

The franchise owners treat their teams as a separate business entity However , the operations of the team are carried out under the shared revenue model . Under this model , the revenue generated through broadcasting , merchandising and licensing is shared equally among the thirty two teams . The shared revenue model is based upon the lines of socialist thought to create an environment where all owners are at the same par . This has been done so that owners are at ease and they don 't require to take risk while recruitment and making contracts

The NFL has established equal grounds for all the teams by stadium sponsors and broadcasting deals . The tickets of the games are not the constituents of the shared revenues . The broadcasting of these games has been the main factor for the soaring popularity of the game . The televised games of the National Football league are one of the most watched...

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