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Sport Motivation


Sport Motivational Techniques

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Sport Motivational Techniques

The word Motivation points towards a number of activities that encourage an individual to involve in a particular conduct . Motivation is mostly restricted to human behavior but it can also be associated to animal behavior . Existence of a goal is very necessary for this purpose The act of motivation can be carried out to coax someone to work or even indulge in sport activities etc . This reviews some

sport motivational techniques

Motivational Technique I


It was observed in a basket ball team that the players were losing confidence over the game and their performance was not as effective as it used to be . Most of the players were turning into slumps and it was becoming difficult for them to cope and compete with the rivals . To increase their productivity , the coach used different techniques . Some of them proved to be efficient while the others failed making the problem persistent than ever . He made motivational speeches , encouraged the players , showed video tapes etc . One of the effective techniques which provided beneficial results is described in this

Motivational Technique

The technique that was used to motivate the players is known as video modeling . It was used to improve the throwing skills of the basketball players . The video displayed a basketball player perform a couple of shots . The player executing these shots was in ideal form

The audiences (players ) were...

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