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Sport Competition Anxiety Test

Competitive anxiety can affect performance both positively and negatively , and being able to measure competitive anxiety is the first step toward controlling competitive anxiety


Competitive anxiety pertains to the emotions , thoughts and physiological symptoms experienced by individuals during competitions Although the term could refer to any competitive activity , the common usage is in sports because of the intensity of the competitive atmosphere during sports competitions . Before and during competitions expectations of the outcomes of conducting sports activity would race through the minds of competitors and physiological symptoms such as

br rapid heartbeats and queasy feelings in the stomach also occurs Competitive anxiety has two components . One is the cognitive element encompassing concerns , negative expectations , failure to concentrate and easy distraction . When uncontrolled , this could lead to the failure to meet personal and other peoples ' expectations . The other is the somatic element covering the physical or physiological symptoms such as erratic heartbeat , difficulty in breathing , tensing of muscles , and queasiness (Marchant , Morris Anderson , 1998 ) The extent of control exercised over competitive anxiety determines whether this results in a positive or negative outcome for competitors . The effective control of anxiety follows the measurement of anxiety to understand its dynamics The sport competition anxiety test (SCAT ) is a way of measuring competition anxiety

How the SCAT Works

The SCAT is measure of the likelihood of an athlete to feel anxious during sports competitions . The results of the measures determine the tendency to experience competitive anxiety based on the scores . The test considers competitive...

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