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What is Spiritual Formation?

God , while affective-kataphatic encourages pietism which is more charismatic and includes all the bodily expressions and senses in complete contact with God (e .g .clapping moving body , shouting etc . Speculative-apophatic leads to encratism while affective-apophatic leads to quietism . The four symbols of four categories are : speculative-kataphatic S , speculative-apophatic T , affective-kataphatic F , affective-kataphatic N These categories offered by Jung are applicable in prayer and devotion according to the personal preferences . Schools of spirituality can only be applied as an aid for spiritual growth . Prayer purifies souls castes away unhealthy minds and

thoughts and brings closer to God who is an embodiment of love (St .John 3 :16 (I Corinthians 13 . God also said Seek ye first the kingdom of God , and all these things shall be added unto you . Seeking God amidst of daily lives and chores . Karl Rahner the Jesuit priest-theologian , in a letter to God , discusses about tiring hours of activities in a day and how the time is not allocated to God and lays emphasis on how important it is to be in relation with God Further states that for the entire mankind seeking God 's guidance and support amidst of daily life , is another way of practicing God 's presence


Prayer is the only means and a wonderful gift of God to be in constant relation with God . Prayer is a strong weapon that has been used by several preachers in the past such as King Martin Luther , D .L .Moody John Wesley , David Livingstone and several holy and pious preachers . The present international evangelists and Bible preachers include Dr .Billy Graham (BGEA )and Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministries ) who believe concretely in the power of prayer

The preachers who dedicate hours of prayer to God , receive visionary experiences , divine power to deliver gospel of God...

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