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Paper Topic:

Speech-Fast Food Industry

Fast Food Industry

General purpose : To inform

Specific purpose : To inform the audience about the fast food industry in the United States

Thesis statement : Fast food is a necessity for busy people , but rarely a healthy one


I . Attention getting : The era of fast food restaurants was sociologically the time of the rise of service industries and mass society and culture . Fast foods such as McDonald 's came to represent the major trends and values of mass society in the United States in the 1950s , including conformity , uniformity

, standardization , efficiency instrumental rationality , and technology . It was part of a process of social transformation that substituted commodified products and pleasures for traditional goods and practices . Whereas previously people raised and cooked their own food , as advanced industrial societies evolved activities such as food production and consumption were themselves mechanized and rationalized . And whereas food was once a largely regional phenomenon , in a massified society , millions consumed the same modes of fast foods , just as they consumed the same TV programs and read the same magazines

II . statement : With our busy lives , it is very tempting and convenient to eat fast food on a regular basis

III . Need to know : Fast food is literally everywhere . A January 2004 article in Body Bulletin , noted that every day about 25 of Americans eat in a fast-food restaurant ( About 25 : 2 . So why do people consume this food ? Everybody , including those 25 , knows that fast food tends to be high in calories and salt

IV . Credibility : An article from the Nutrition Action Healthletter said It 's tough to walk out of a fast food restaurant without blowing at least half a day 's artery clogging fat . A large fries will do it . So will a Big Mac , a Whopper , a Burger King Chicken Sandwich , or nine Chicken McNuggets ' The meals keep getting bigger . Fast food chains are tripping over each other to build bigger burgers . Fries have swollen to `super sizes ' that have as many calories as a Big Mac (Hurley and Liebman : 13-15

V . Preview /Thesis : It seems only natural for young or very busycpeople to gravitate toward fast food . Since fast food may be eaten on the go it fits into their busy schedules

Transition sentence : Nevertheless , before we go into the discussion and facts about fast food industry today , we need to understand lays underneath the current situation we are facing

Body I

A . Fast food restaurants emerged , as well , during a time of processed food , in which science , technology , and industry entered into the food production process

1 . Artificial foods appeared with chemicals to promote flavorsome tastes , substances to make the food last longer before spoilage , and additives to accelerate the production process and substitute cheaper processed material for more natural foodstuffs . McDonald 's helped acclimatize the consumer nation to an artificial culture and environment , involving individuals in novel culinary practices and products , whereby processed and artificial food replaced traditional fare

2 . Capitalist society presents itself to consumers as...

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