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Special Ed Class Observation

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Special Ed Class Observation

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Special Ed Class Observation

Special Education classes have always fascinated me . I was always left in awe with the kind of patience that its teachers and mentors have in dealing with the students . When I was finally given the chance to observe a special education class , I was ecstatic . Finally , my dreams of witnessing this one of a kind interaction would be a reality

As I learned about the

experience , I was very excited . I have worked with children with disabilities before , so I basically had an idea of how to deal with them . I taught two autistic boys how to swim , and I was also a volunteer for the Special Olympics . Working with these special children made me feel very competent as an educator

The classroom set up of a special education class was a lot different as compared to a normal class . In this class , there were fewer students , and chairs were not lined up perfectly . For this set up , the chairs and tables were strategically placed in the manner wherein the students would be able to concentrate with their studies . The time spent in school is also shorter as compared to a regular school to give way to the attention span of these special children

For this particular class that I have observed , there were three students . Landri was seven years old , and was autistic . Initially , she was mainstreamed in the Kindergarten class twenty minutes a day . Until now , she is not potty trained , so her teachers are working hard to teach her this simple but important deed . Landri has using Picture Exchange Communication (PEC ) for a couple of years now , but her teachers said that there has not been much progress with her for the time being . The only picture that she correctly answers all the time was that of a Koosh ball . She adores the item very much , leaving the teachers clueless as to how she can identify the picture all the time , as compared to the other pictures

Landri also uses the STAR Program for Autistic Children . She is able to match the correct objects with each other , but unfortunately , she cannot match colors . While studying , Landri had to be buckled to a chair so that she could remain seated , for she is fond of standing and running around the room

The second student I noticed was Gretta . She was eight years old and was diagnosed with Rhett 's Syndrome . Unfortunately , she was on the last stage of the dis , causing her to seize frequently . It was saddening to know that she cannot walk nor stand , and can sit only on the floor She feels comfortable rocking her chair back and forth , with the teacher taking her hand and helping her play with a toy . When Gretta gets excited , she rocks her chair faster , and the teacher then takes her out of her wheelchair , allowing...

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