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Soviet Dominance in Eastern Europe

Soviet Dominance in Eastern Europe

The Soviet presence in Eastern Europe during the Cold War was always contentious . While the Soviets did have their allies in many of these countries , there were large segments of the population that resented the Soviet influence . Essentially , the Soviet presence was one that overridden any self-governance within these nations

Of course , the use of military force to control several nations would be considered the most glaring reason why there were tensions and animosity towards the Soviet Union . Hungary and Poland , among others saw Soviet tanks

and invasion forces in their bs . This fostered a great deal of resentment that would translate into eventual resistance movements

While the Soviets had the ability to control nations with their military , but they never captured - as Lyndon Johnson would say - the hearts and minds of the people . In Poland , the non-violent resistance movement Solidarity grew in popularity to the point it eventually completely undermined Soviet control

One has to take note of the fact that much of Solidarity was supported and popularized by Polish labor unions . Unions are a critical component to any socialist state . When the unions essentially break from the state , it is difficult for the state to maintain power . Repression could be used but it can only go so far . Eventually , such actions do not work . In time , the Soviet Union would slowly collapse under its own weight and amidst internal reforms . This made it next to impossible to maintain control over its client states...

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