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What are the Sources of party polarization in america today and is this polarization healthy or unhealthy with regard to american politics and government

Politics and Polarization

Party polarization is a very unhealthy thing for the United States government as it causes a great deal of division and strife in the country . This division causes the powers that be in the United States government to have to deal with a wide variety of division and keeps the wheels of the government from properly functioning . Unfortunately , the media is quite complicit in this division particularly in areas where domestic and foreign policy is concerned as the media drive up people 's emotions to a frenzy and this

emotional baggage is the main factor in the cause of party polarization

If one is dealing with domestic issues such as gay rights , welfare labor unions , immigration , there are strong opinions on both sides of the spectrum . Each have their goals and pursuits and how the party polarization (the democratic party taking one side of an issue while the republic party takes the other side ) turns the entire body politic into nothing more than a game of one upping each and every other member and once again , this is not healthy

Such party polarization is not limited to just to the United States domestic policies , as there is also opposing unhealthy party polarization that results from foreign policy issues as well . Once again , as is the case with domestic issues , the media also is complicit in creating this unhealthy party polarization and making it even more divisive in the eyes of the general public

It can not be stresses enough that you can not have party polarization without the media or fringe media groups stoking the fires to create a hostile , unhealthy environment that results in a great deal of polarization . It is not the mere presence of polarization that is the main problem , it is the way this polarization is presented to the American people that is the root problem . Such can be seen in the example of gay marriage and rights as well

Gay rights remain a very strong point in the media as well these days This is a huge part of party polarization as it is many of the left leaning people who support gay rights and gay marriage . On the more conservative side of the spectrum , there are those people who do not support this as much because they feel that it attacks and effects the tradition of marriage and the traditional family

This issue seems to divide the nation quite a bit , although when placed on state ballot initiatives , gay marriage usually fails by wide margins This would suggest that while the polarization is fairly strong , that it is more lopsided (70 - 30 ) so this would indicate that an issue does not have to be a 50-50 split in to cause great party polarization

The problem with politics , not just in America and throughout the world is that people refuse to accept compromise or a give and take mentality That is , the prevailing belief is that the goal of an election...

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