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Sources of Conflict

Sources of conflict

The conflict that is going to be discussed is the situation that happened in Eastern European country Ukraine and led to well-known events called Orange revolution . The conflict was widely covered by mass media all over the world , since it was the precedent that was supposed to have on-going outcomes not only in Ukraine itself but in the major countries that suffered from corruption and intragovernment speculations

It is important to notice that Ukraine is a big European country which has around 50 million population . After the split

of the Soviet Union Ukraine gained independence , as well as many problems from the previous regime . The economic ties between the countries of the USSR were broken . Thus , each country , including Ukraine , had to search for its own way of survival and development . After the split , during the turmoil years the strategic economic objects of the country , such as oil /gas , chemical and other energy companies were quickly privatized by those people that were closer to the official authorities . The economic situation in the country was devastating - huge inflation and low GDP didn 't favor any economic development . However , what was even more discouraging is that the power in Ukraine was concentrated in the hand of several people that had the same origin . It is worth mentioning that the first President , the Minister and the Prime-Minister belonged to the same party . They were allies and wanted to save the alliance throughout the years . During the second election another President was elected . It is he , who later became the actual cause of the conflict The second President managed to retain power during two terms . Yet those 10 years he ruled were marked with severe corruption and further robbery of the country by powerful clans . All the biggest plants were sold to the right people ' for virtually nothing . However , the nation didn 't experience any positive changes and the level of live remained low . The turning point of the conflict occurred at the end of 2004 when the Presidential election took place . The candidate from the official power was delegated versus the candidate from the opposition . The latter was supported by the majority of population who still hoped for positive changes . Yet , the elections were falsified and the candidate from the power officially won . It provoked a wave of dissatisfaction and turned into a real national conflict where the one party was the East of the country , which supported Presidential delegate , and the other party was the west of the country , who supported the delegate from opposition This national conflict turned into a Revolution , the winner of which became current President of Ukraine and the delegate from opposition Viktor Yuschenko

This kind of national conflict is really very multifaceted and the sources of it are really numerous and very significant . First of all , it is necessary to say that Ukrainian population was tired of poor economic situation in the country and aspired for positive changes that could improve the level of...

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