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Your Source for Law Enforcement IT Guidance

Running head : Your Source for Law Enforcement IT Guidance






Your Source for Law Enforcement IT Guidance

The IACP Technology Center , first established in 1996 was aimed at providing crucial information to law enforcement agencies on the importance of having an automated data collection and information management center . Coincidentally , IACP Technology Clearing house came at a time when the federal and local funds were being directed to the development of automated record systems , mobile computing as well as computer aided dispatch


collaboration with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA ) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA , the IACP has managed to create a center for IT guidance and development . With a fully functional website , the technology clearinghouse has managed to efficiently collect and disseminate information technology resources Still , with resources , especially on law enforcement , the website has immensely grown in its popularity , even when compared to other similar websites that have been developed recently . The main focus of the technology clearinghouse is its highly developed technology in various programs , with its staff focused to establish and use highly developed programs . Their hardware and software employed depends on the size and type of the agency

Technology clearinghouse website has various important sections . One of the most important sections is the surveys conducted on various project managers . This allows sharing of information on various technological advancements of interest from one agency to another . The network here is commercial-free and therefore enhances its success chances . Law enforcement executives are...

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