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Solvability Factors


In every case being investigated , authorities are required to look into some information that will lead them to the decision to continue the investigation on a certain case . Such basic information is commonly referred to as the solvability factors . Solvability factors are being identified during the course of preliminary investigation , which is basic to the process in to provide for the basis of determining who committed the crime (Urlacher , Gordon and Robert Duffy

Investigators in the process of prioritizing the cases to work on

to also use solvability factors . In the investigative approach called the Triad Concept , solvability factors are being identified first , the availability of which will define the fate of the case . The more positive the available solvability factors are , the better will be the chance of the case to be placed in the high priority . Solvability Factors therefore serve as screening criteria for case investigation Case screening is designed to provide sufficient information about a case at the earliest possible time in the investigative process in to permit a decision to be made regarding the value of continuing an investigation (Iowa City Police Department 1999 . According to experts in the field , the outcomes of case screening will either be suspension or follow-up investigation of the case , wherein suspension are for those classified as romising and if there the a reasonable probability of the case clearance , there will be follow up investigation to be conducted (Iowa City Police Department , General No . 91-07

In for us to establish the importance of solvability factors , we need to look into the objective of the Investigative Case Screening Process wherein the identification of solvability factors is included The general objectives are summarized as follows

To establish the policies and procedures for determining whether to assign a case for additional follow-up investigation or to suspend any further investigation . From here , we can directly correlate the importance of solvability factors in establishing the basis for a decision on whether a case has to be suspended or a follow up operation should be conducted

To define the responsibility and the accountability for the decision whether to assign to screen out a case

To in have a more manageable caseload that is ideal for solving cases . When solvability factors are identified , it will be easier for the investigators to screen the cases to be placed in high priority That way , they will be able to maximize time and resources for cases of immediate action or proven to be worth the effort and time investment

To assign for additional follow up investigation on those cases with sufficient solvability factors . Again the key to the follow up investigation is the availability of the solvability factors

5 . To provide procedures for notifying crime victims of the current status of their case

In the course of the case screening process , solvability factors play significant role in weighing the severity of the crime . Serious crimes that have the...

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