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Solutions to Stress

Solutions to Stress in the Workplace




UNIVERSITY ADDRESS Solutions to Stress in the Workplace


Experiencing stress due to work-related factors or conditions is inevitable . According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States , four industries accounted for the bulk of occupational stress cases : services , manufacturing , retail trade , and finance , insurance and real estate (U .S . Department of Labor , 1999 ) The two main factors considered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics were the kinds of stresses

br obtained from injuries or illnesses caused by working conditions and the range of the impact of stress on the neurological and behavioral attributes of employees . In the United Kingdom however , The industries carrying the higher than average prevalence rates of work-related stress , depression or anxiety . are public administration and defence education , health and social work and financial intermediation (Health and Safety Executive , N .D

The variation in statistical data revealing occupation groups that were identified to have exhibited higher stress patterns , as well as other factors and degrees for that matter , prove that numerous factors or aspects influence the levels or extent and impact of occupational stress . Nevertheless , placing this fact aside , the most important thing that organizations should focus on is stress management in the workplace . In the end , statistics or other types of information on occupational stress would not matter . What matters most is that organizations are prepared to handle or manage stress in to prevent the onset of...

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