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Solutions For Drug Abuse

Solutions for Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is the non medical use of drugs which leads to addiction Drug addiction can be defined as the use of drugs where the users of this drug find it difficult to quit the habit , some of these drugs commonly include cocaine , alcohol and heroin

Drug abuse can be linked to certain social problems such as stress and therefore one approach to helping addicts is through understanding the underlying causes of addiction and trying to solve some of the problems they face , in the case where poverty

causes drug abuse there is need for the society to adopt poverty eradication project , people also need to be informed about stress and how one can avoid stress that lead to substance abuse

Another way to aid drug abusers is through medical counseling , medical assistance can also be provided through the use of methadone which aids in replacing the abused drug in the body , there is therefore the need to provide more counseling resources such as the provision of counseling centers and more specialists to be trained to undertake counseling

Formation of groups such as alcohol anonymous also assist drug abusers to recover from the problem of addiction , therefore we need to encourage substance abusers to form or join such groups because they are considered as the most effective method to aid drug abusers

The government should also adopt strategies that discourage substances that are addictive and harmful this can be done through the adoption of laws that impose heavy penalties on drug users and drug traffickers

However , prevention is better than cure , we should focus on ways to prevent the youth who are more likely to become addicts through peer influence , parents and teachers should counsel the youth regarding drug abuse and the negative effects of drugs


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Solutions For Drug Abuse


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