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Soldiers Home and Speaking of Courage

It seemed to them that society had existed without them and their return was nothing more but an addition to the recovery of a busy post-war life . Although both soldiers have a parent whom they could lean on for support , both parents were likewise trapped in their own worlds full of expectations . Norman 's father was more intent on nurturing the pride for the family while Krebs mother almost regarded a son 's return as nothing but an addition to the family . The time difference on the two soldiers ' stories posed as the biggest

br barrier for similarities to merge . Likewise the pride that Norman Bowker took home against Krebs difficulties with his re-entry to a renewed life away from the war is the two stark differences in both soldiers encounter . Another point of difference is probably on society 's expectation of soldier 's returning from battle . The hysterics after the Vietnam War was intent on rewarding the defeated infantry several medals of bravery probably to psychologically uplift the spirits of soldiers who lost many comrades during the war . World War I was more intent on listening to the stories soldiers encountered after their victorious cries which Krebs eluded accidentally for coming home later than the rest Whether victorious or defeated in battle , brave soldiers come home faced with internal problems of adapting to a busy environment that strives to recover after a war . Socially , old friends may no longer be there for them after long years of absence while others have perished In effect soldiers come home waging a different war within themselves which society has to recognize in the face of their undying love and service to the fatherland . ReferenceO 'Brien , Tim . Speaking of Courage ' in The Things They Carried Boston : Houghton Mifflin , 1990 Hemingway , Ernest . Soldiers Home ' in...

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