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Soil Erosion








The earth that we live in is in a solid state that we are capable to move about without being swallowed up due to the compact nature that it is in . the nature that earth is at is only capable by the presence of soil that is only able to sustain this . In other words there is no floor or road without the soil being there . The physical nature of soil to be able to hold human being and everything

on it and also the many different ways that it sustains the living things is a study that is called soil physics

There are dynamics that the soil physics deals with in the learning of soil . Therefore , the many problems encountered in many fields by the scientists are all explained by soil physics . The many fields of study comprise of ecology (sustenance of living things , agriculture (study on the livestock and farming ) and engineering (deals with the technology though they use soil in many ways . This leads to the importance that the soil has to the human race in its physical state and also as a part of the human race (Glasbey C . A , Horgan G . W Darbyshire J . F 1991

Relativity of soil erosion to soil physics

To many farmers , scientists , geologists and archaeologists they all in one way or another use the soil as their medium for studies that are involved in their fields of study . Therefore , there is a need for the soil to be taken care of in for there to be the environment needed for the study

All fields of study need to be able for the soil to be taken care of The top most layer of the soil is highly attacked by various mechanisms like water , wind and human activities . Taking into account modes stipulated water and wind are capable of eroding soil if there is assistance of speed and plant cover . Speed of both wind and water may increase or reduce the devastation of erosion and the plant cover will help sustain the soil but in the absence there is high loss of the top soil . Therefore , the removal of the top soil by the help of water , wind and human activities is referred to as soil erosion (Ramphele M McDowell C , 1991

This action is natural but when human activities do set in they do make the action to be faster and devastation is highly evident . There is advantage for soil erosion other than affecting the place that erosion has taken place it makes the recipient land to be fertile because it receives the top soil that is very productive in agriculture

Effects of soil erosion

Soil erosion is a detrimental factor to the whole world despite the many efforts put aside to be able to eliminate its adverse effects . The following are the effects arising from soil erosion

Gully erosion - This is the formation of gulls on land and this is...

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