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Paper Topic:

Software Development

Running head : Software Development

Software Development The management strategies to keep communication smooth and keep the project on track is quite essential for fetching and retaining the talent and optimize on the resources to make long term profits . Such management practices can be underlined as follows

Identification of the crucial environment variables involved in any design modeling process is utmost important as that would ensure successful capitalization of such external resources to make a project successful (Hoffer , 2005

A system analyst with high organizational skills would be a positive point

in handling the design modeling process . Characteristics like planning , organizing , decision making , scheduling would act as catalyst to the modeling process 's success

The system analyst must manage the associated risks involved in the design process . It could range from people to technological risks

Managing the change management process is very crucial for a systems analyst . In general , people do not like change and tend to resist it Therefore managing the idea transition process , where the old views are successfully mended by newer innovative strategies for managing organizational processes , are of great importance

Some of the strategies that would assure effective communication would be the following

Grievances solving sessions - It must include all forms of solving the professional issues one is facing with the organization so that there is no negative arousing of spreading it at societal issues

Joint sessions - It facilitates team binding and brings team mates closer to each other so that they are able to manage their position appropriately without facing any compatibility issues (Raman , 2003

Joint lunch and tours - It encourages one to open up and share their common thoughts so as to eradicate any negative responses

Innovation center - Turning their conference rooms into innovation centers where they would rethink on their core business processes to learn , share and innovate for self , economic and societal goodness

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