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Sociology Affects my Life

Sociology Affects My Life


It is obvious that I am in a foreign land and my country stood far away from me . In connection with that , I can say that sociology really affects my life this time . My gender , race , religion as well as my culture is far different from what I am facing now . It made everything complicated , but my ability to be resilient turned out to be the key to progress . The truth is , my stay in this foreign land is memorable and rewarding

I am a male

traveler from Qatar and my dreams to study in a foreign place brought me here in the United States . Since Qatar is my home country , your expectation that I am a Moslem is not denied . The religion of my family is Islam and we are considered Moslems in the society Although I am considered as white , it cannot be avoided that people still view me as different . My race is quite famous in this country where I am now . The Islamic culture is known to adopt unique features of which I am proud to cultivate no matter what

Sociology Affects My Life : A Report In this , it is expected that the effects in my life of the different factors in sociology will be discussed . In to have a positive view , it is suggested that discussion of gender and race will come first followed by religion and culture . It is also humbly submitted that truly , sociology affected my life especially that I am presently situated in a foreign country

Being a male Moslem , I am always considered as strong and assertive People around me view me as a unique individual . It affects my social interaction in the community . Sometimes , the fact that I am a male Moslem disturbed other people 's perception about me . But , it is normal for me , for I know that people in the United States thought that I belong to a race that proliferate terror and fear . I dare say , not all male Moslems are terrorists . Like me , there are also male Moslems who loved to study different kinds of subjects and earn a degree of their interest even in other countries . In other words , my gender cannot be viewed and referred all the time as bad only for the reason that I am a Moslem . My intentions are honest and I am a male human being that deserves respect . Aside from that , as a male Moslem , I am always questioned about my views in life . These questions may sometimes lead me to think that my religion is the very reason that I am always scrutinized by the people around me . The effects of religion in my life are quiet frustrating . Yet , my point is to secure a freedom to express myself the way that I want it to be . For sure , I am not going to violate the rights of other people in doing so

As a male Moslem , I am required to...

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