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Sociological/Criminology Theories

Sociological /Criminology Theories on the film American History X

Sociological /Criminology Theories

The film American History X is a film about crime fueled by racism . The crime was committed by a man named Derek Vinyard , a white supremacist He murdered two black gang members after they attempted to steal his truck . If we look closely at the case of Derek Vinyard , we can see that the crime he committed weren 't just a spur-of-the moment thought of killing someone . His actions were rooted deep into his past , wherein his experiences have shaped

him into the person that he was today . Certain aspects of his past have influenced his actions , including his environment , the companions that he keep , his experiences , and a lot more . We look at Derek Vinyard 's life in relation to several sociological criminology theories , including the general strain theory and the differential association theory

In the film , we can see that there are certain social structures that exist , which affects the lives and actions of the characters . It is evident in the film that there is dichotomy between different races Blacks associated with blacks , whites grouped with whites and a lot more . The structure of the society leaned towards the separation of different cultures , which is why there is often conflict between them instead of peacefully coexisting with each other . The protagonist , Derek Vinyard , grouped with other white males , proclaiming that the white race is the most superior , and should be the only existent race in the...

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