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Since early childhood , every person is influenced by social environment and culture of her parents and family . In this case , class location and race are the main factors which have an influence on social position and opportunities of individuals . Low class location prevents people to obtain social respect and opportunities available for middle and high class citizens . In contrast , high social position of parents creates opportunities for a child to enter prestigious school and receive good high education . Critics prove that there are interconnections between biography of a person , the

social structure and culture of her family or social environment

Classes exist in a given society to the extent that there are significant links between these three levels of social life : if economically determined positions correlate significantly with people 's lived experience and consciousness , and if both of these have a significant bearing on how they behave as consumers , workers or citizens - on how they live , the organizations they join , the parties they support , and so on . For instance , it is difficult for working class families to give good education for their children . It means that they visit pre-school courses and sections for low class families : they go to low prestigious schools in contrast to middle class children

My family traditions and values have influenced my biography and cultural values . Similar to my parents , I visited prestigious secondary school and then entered the University . My life and career goals bear resemblance with my parents ' life and expectations influenced by class location and culture . It is important to note that some decades ago schools created greater barriers for minority groups of students . This problem was typical for low class white families , but racial differences worsened and deepened this problem . These problems forced many young people to behave violently against society which resulted in civil disobedience . As a cultural element , rap music represents social movement against poverty , mass unemployment and negative experience of black youth . The main focus of rap is on wealth and crime influencing people 's morals and appealing for trendy life style . Influenced by this music , as a cultural phenomenon , young people from low social classes become gangsters and criminals unable to find a job and earn for living (Birdsall , Graham , 2000

It is possible to say that my biography is influenced by social structure of the society . Following there are three 'levels ' of social life which determine : economic structure and relations between individuals , individuals and society , individuals and the state . This level consists of sets of relations in the sphere of the production and exchange of goods and services . In many cases , my biography is influenced by these relations determining class location and level of income . The second level is social relations that are independent of and external to individuals ' wills and that define 'empty ' positions that they fill . The third level - the inter-subjective or meaningful level of social consciousness means the world from within ' of lived experience that comprises how individuals see themselves and one...

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