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Given my young age , I do not yet have a long life history to look back upon , which is why I have all the more reasons to thoroughly explore the years of my conscious life to find solutions to the current situations Most of my more or less adult experience belongs to the school era , an era indeed since my family moved a couple of times in the time when I was at school

In high school , I had to change two schools that were very distinct in terms of the

atmosphere and social norms accepted there . The first was a small provincial school , with few students , as we lived at the time in a small place in the north of the country . The harsh conditions of life necessity in a sense to fight against nature , despite the benefits of modern civilization , bring people more closely together , and we were a closely-knit group of people . Ethnically , our community was very diverse , which did not translate into animosity between different national and racial groups . The only exception was the Koreans who formed a community of their own . Even inside the school they formed a gang of their own , and everybody knew nobody should approach them or act aggressively trying to hurt them , since they stood very much for each other , and the revenge will be quick and harsh

But what was dampening the picture was the limited outlook of most of my classmates . We did not have much of a cultural life in the school or in the town , and the only samples of culture consumed by most of my schoolmates were pop music and current movies . It was considered the norm at school to listen only to the latest pop compositions , to wear only the latest fashions , and I always felt that I did not quite conform to their norms and expectations . In a sense , I was more ready to explore the outside world . My family was very well-read , and my acquaintance with the samples of world culture went far beyond that of my classmates I was also a better student than many of them , which exasperated many of those who tried to be the local leaders . As a result , I was on very good terms with half of my classmates , those who were ready to use my help in studies where they needed it , and on bad terms with others who tried to mock me so that they themselves looked better

When I transferred to a school in a different region , the experience was very curious and helped to shape me as a personality . First , at a new school I was not known to anybody - in the previous one , thanks to my excellence in studies and conflicts with some of the `known personalities , I was quite a remarkable person : most of my peers knew my name and had an opinion of me . Here I had to build my reputation from scratch . It was a larger city as well...

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