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What Makes a Society Just?`


Civil Disobedience : Bane of Boon to the Concept of Just Society






Even as the nations are engaged in tackling the menace of terrorism among its rank and , the debate over what makes a 'just society ' has renewed itself with fresh questions evolving out of it , especially from the perspective of civil disobedience , where issues on ethics , emotion justification and morality are embedded in an inseparable way and therefore add

complexities in the comprehension of just society . Thus this weighs some pertinent points involving the concept of just society from the perspective of civil disobedience before arriving at an inference on whether civil disobedience is a bane or a boon to the concept of just society

A Brief Definition of Just Society "Just Society " refers to a particular condition of a society , where its subjects enjoy some freedom beyond laws that are framed , provided that freedom should ideally be directed towards garnering collective benefits for the society . This facility of a citizen goes down under the head of "fair treatment " of the state to its subjects and is commonly known as social justice . With time , this freedom has become a medium of the thinkers and well wishers of the society to share and air their views to draw the attention of the government on several issues pertaining to the well-being of the concerned society

Different political ideas , ideologies or situations create different interpretations of a just society . As for example , the left-wing ideology could prescribe an extensive use of income redistribution after judging its present state as a deterrent to the just society , while a right-wing political party could stress on philanthropy , open market system or charity to attain social justice for the society . However , the broad base of just society is powered by the concepts like equality and human rights

A Brief Definition of Civil Disobedience

The briefest definition of civil disobedience could be like "an act guided by conscience towards preventing or developing a condition in the society , which might overstep certain areas of written law , yet that overstepping is not intended to oppose the law . Civil disobedience is supposed to be an outcome of a serious observation of any flaw or the scope of development in the society , ethical values and society . Here the gray area lies in the quality of such an observation and inference . For example , a group of thinker might observe that certain areas of taxes are burdening the citizens and thus be waived while another group might observe a positive impact of taxes on the citizen . However , civil disobedience is supposed to act under the guideline of equality and human rights and it has to be morally justified . Understandably , these preconditions are liable to vary according the laws of various states

The Questions

The preconditions of civil obedience raises certain questions like why a civil disobedience would be considered as anarchy , if it fails...

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