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Social Work: group dynamics

Group Dynamics Your name Analysis of small /large group growth , development , progression problems

The initial phase in the formation of a group is often characterized by confusion over the roles that each person will play , task to be performed , the type of leadership , and where the leadership will come from . When roles and tasks are not clear people express anxious feelings . The interactions between people at this stage reflect relationship , biases , perceptions , and antagonisms brought in from outside the group . The roles that people initially experiment within the new

group situation usually resemble those they have performed outside the group . For the group to grow , develop and progress , it will involve the definition of the task to be performed , or the objective to be reached by the group . People must begin to see what kind of roles they want to play in reaching the objective . The members of the group must put aside their personal differences and work together for their group to prosper . They ought to share all the positive ideas amongst themselves and correct and charge each other fairly when something has gone wrong . They should build mutual trust and be open to one another as this is the only way their group will develop

Members must sense that they are no longer a collection of individuals each with his or her own objectives and agenda , but actually members of a group working together toward a common goal . Whereas they previously saw themselves in roles that were self-serving...

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