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Social and Formal Groups Comparison

Running Head : Social and Formal Groups Comparison

Social and Formal Groups Comparison

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Social and Formal Groups Comparison

A group is a collection of people interacting together in an ly was on the basis of shared norms , value and expectations about one another 's behavior Groups may be classified as social and formal . Social group is a kind of group wherein members are connected by social relations and performing a social role . In this group , there is a social interaction

between or among members . It includes a sphere of social life organized to meet the human needs . On the contrary , a formal group is a kind of group with fixed set of rules and procedures and with a rigid carefully designed structure . Typically , there is a system of coordinated and controlled activities in this type of group . All members are expected to abide by the set rules and regulations (Keel , 2007

Everyone in this world belongs to a group . I belong to some formal and informal groups . In this , I will use Jake 's Political War Room or JPWR (social ) and Sam 's Club (informal ) as working examples . I recently joined JPWR to be able to participate and gain knowledge on the 2008 Election and be informed and other political issues . Joining this group is absolutely voluntary . You just have to have a yahoo mail account then go to the sign-up page , enter pertinent information and then you 're done ! On the other hand , I joined Sam 's Club to generate savings on several lines of products that I always buy . This is really helpful for me since I really love to shop at Sam 's Club . Indeed , there are some limitations in joining Sam 's Club which are not directly stated in their website . As we may know , you need to be a frequent shopper in any Sam 's Club location because you won 't need the card if you don 't really shop at Sam 's Club . You also have to pay for the membership fee , in my case 40 for an advantage membership . Joining and leaving the group is easier in JPWR than Sam 's Club due to some fees that are to be paid , among others

In group dynamics , there is too much interaction in JPWR . Group members exchange views and ideas on certain debatable issues and have come to know each other well . On the other hand , there is not much group interaction in Sam 's Club since shoppers frequently interact with the club management but not much with their fellow club members . There maybe some instances where they can meet and intermingle during club activities for the club members but these happens only with a handful meetings within a year

In terms of leadership in JPWR , there is just a moderator , in the person of James . He , a former Republican strategist and campaign manager , is the one who created the group in 2001 encouraging people...

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