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Paper Topic:

Social Emotional Learning

Running Head : Social Emotional Learning

Social skill Necessary in children Development







Children are future assets through which human race will be transmitted over and over to facilitate continuity and transcendence . Therefore human race sustainability is highly dependant on the values , skills and knowledge transmission to the children . Moreover , the children ability to acquire life skill competency has a profound effect on the rising a more able persons to take care of the continents affair

However , in the recent past there

is lost track in the learners instructional approach that has failed to incorporate social skills necessary to facilitate meaningful learning . For instance , some learners are unable to mange and organize their study tasks successfully which also has a bearing on the disorganized schema structures of these children (Chomsky , J .M . et al , 1996 ,

. 165 . In this regard , this shall seek to examine the Social skill Necessary in children Development and Learning . In to establish an understanding of this concept , the interconnection between various social and educational environments that enhance or inhibit acquisition of these vital skills

Social skill Necessary in children Development and Learning

Companionship /friendship skills

Companionship refers to the kind of friendship or relationship whereby individuals are happy and relaxed for being together . They give themselves confidence , strength and sense of being . Children give themselves companionship in all that they do and they always need it to feel as to belong to a society . In the process , they teach...

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