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Soc.100Introduction to Sociology

Running Head : PERSONALITY


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What concept refers to a person fairly consistent pattern of acting thinking , and feeling

The concept , which refers to a person fairly consistent pattern of acting , thinking , and feeling , is called personality (Answer 4 . There is a special branch of psychology called personality psychology , which studies this multifaceted issue and looks for an answer to the question what is it like to be a person ? In its historical development , the concept of personality was the main point of interest

and extensive researches of Sigmund Freud , a famous Austrian psychologist , who is supposed to be a pioneer of personality psychology and a founder of the school of psychoanalytic

In his studies , Freud used psychoanalytic approaches and created so called psychodynamic theory of personality . According to the theory there are 3 important elements of personality (1 ) the id , which includes primitive , instinctive and natural aspects of personality , such as sleeping , eating , defecation , and so on (2 ) the ego , which include conscious efforts of a person to make decisions and satisfy own various needs (such as self-preservation , receiving pleasure , etc (3 ) the superego , which means personal system of values , norms and ethics developed under the influence of personal norms and values practiced in every particular social group

Freud claimed that the id and the superego of every personality are conflicting , but the ego is the only balancing factor to compensate this conflict . Finally , Freud argued that the development of every personality is influenced by two opposing groups of instincts (1 ) the life instincts , or eros , which includes all positive reactions or instincts of a person , such as maintaining own life , procreation and so on (2 ) the death instincts , or thanatos , which includes all negative instincts and reactions , such as aggression , violence , urges to killing people , suicidal thoughts , etc . Freud 's theory of personality became the basis for psychoanalytical therapy , which is quite popular nowadays


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