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Soc.100 Introduction to Sociology


Lawrence Kohlberg 's Research

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3 . The focus of Lawrence Kohlberg 's research was moral reasoning

1 . True

2 . False

It is true that the research of Lawrence Kohlberg was focused around the concept of moral reasoning , which also can be called moral development (Answer 1 . Lawrence Kohlberg was a known American specialist in psychiatry , who was interested in problems of moral development : moral judgments and moral choices . He is famous for his long-term experiments with young children (some of

them lasted more than 20 years , during which Kohlberg studied the development of moral judgments and moral choices of the children . As a result , in 1981the theory of moral development was created

According to the findings of the specialist , there are six stages of moral development , which can be grouped into three different levels (1 pre-conventional morality , which includes two sub-stages (a punishment-obedience orientation , and (b ) instrumental relativist orientation (2 ) conventional morality , which includes two sub-stages (a ) good boy-good girl orientation , and (b ) instrumental relativist orientation and (3 ) post-conventional morality , which includes the following sub-stages (a ) social contract orientation , and (b ) universal ethical principle orientation (Wong , 2000

Therefore , during the process of moral development , every individual gradually passes through all these six stages . At that Kohlberg was underlining that not every adult individual can reach the highest stage in his /her moral development . Besides , not every time real behavior of an individual was correspondent to the achieved stage of moral development . This theory was criticized and the opponents of Kohlberg 's scientific conclusions pointed on several drawbacks of this research . In particular , the fact that all the experiments were made with male children is considered to be a serious disadvantage


Wong , A . S (2000 , September . Kohlberg 's Theory of Moral Development Blessed to Be Blessing . Retrieved April 23 , 2008 , from



Lawrence Kohlberg 's Research...

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